Well, technically separated by a few months now, but it seems that they still like fucking each other, and now, perhaps because we have not seen so much as a couple, we have each other with friends and even strangers shared. We still have 10 miles of each other, Emma, ??live in the marital home and now rent in a village near the work accessible. A 42 years and married for almost 20 years, sometimes I think I might be a bit more about life, Emma has lost two years younger, he said, so long lost, and is much faster than me. She is 5'10 " tall slimmish with a tight ass, long legs and tits absolutely amazing, 38d She has long blonde hair, and when she dresses really looks biz,. The truth is that I did not want the separate, as I 'm not going to find another as if they knew a guy is also excited. she often told me that sex is not running the beginning pornotv of the end, and this feeling makes me cum on her only to her appetite for more and more, andsoon. Well, if you are honest, can sometimes occur several times in quick succession, but even better the need of a break, Emma does pornotv not seem to need something. Last Christmas, the first since we parted we were going to be difficult, but we agreed for the sake of the children, who both seek. The usual round of Christmas came and went and visited me and Emma said she had to take a couple of pornotv nights after the holidays already, and continue playing, as I said it was difficult and she knew it and made fun of me without I stop before blowing out of my misery I join relieve pressure. Now, after 20 years, he said, still know every inch of themselves and what drives us. When I saw my pornotv cum dripping down her chin, I knew exactly what he said and then she kissed me and pushed my sperm into my mouth and roll your tongue. " blow job is the end of the year," he said, "If I organize a babysitter for children who are come with pornotv me, for old times sake, without any conditions ? "After considering nearly two seconds flat, I agreed. These materials are kept in a luxury hotel, with live music and are always a good way to see the new year enters local why, if this have? the only drawback, if it exists, there is a black tie do, and I've never put a short distance. comes the night, although I got dressed, took my taxi, and met Emma in " our "house, and looked impressive. wearing a full body chocolate brown silk dress hugging her figure good, I saw wearing stockings, but clearly, they need to keep up, since there is no gift lines above, in fact, may have worn or panties ? nipples shown very successfully as we went by taxi and the cold night air hit her, she had a handkerchief, but he had in his pornotv arms. Why me left? the way to the hotel was about 12 miles, and we found the usual congratulations, before sHe stroked my thigh, entering the car, and winked at me, " enjoy," he said. pornotv The night went very well, because we know that friends and get new people in the organization. The heads of Emma, apparently aware of our situation and sympathized with me, although one, Ken, said that after 20 years I should share, as it was impressive. His own wife, Pam, a little older, I thought it was a little 50ish a spectator himself and his speech seemed to accept with good grace. pornotv As the night passed, and the drink kicked in, Ken was always close to Emma, ??and as both his boss and a decent looking, did little to dissuade him. They danced, I 'm not much of a dancer and loves Emma, he was there before me. I tried, as music began to slow dance with Pam, but I excused myself for a while and went to the balcony, overlooking the neatly trimmed lawn and reflectors. Pam came to me after a while and gave me a room key. No words were spoken, but the goalsTIVE was clear. I looked in the hall and saw Emma, she smiled and then placed her head on the shoulder of Ken. I turned to Pam in the room or suite, as it was, sat in a comfortable chair with a glass of wine and smiled. "I knew you were coming," he said, pointing to a glass of wine. I raised my glass and sat down opposite her. Her dress was a little more moderate than that of Emma, ??but well made and fit your curves very well. After a while he got up and came towards me and told me how they have to endure her husband 's infidelity to the place where there was an acceptable part of their life together. What apparently did not know was that he was very open to it. She took my cup from me, put his arm around my waist and one hand in front of my thighs na kiss on the lips. Then I whispered that I may know better than you think Emma. I was confused, but they kissed and caressed my thigh and took over it was not long before I was in a FULl to embrace. Pam pornotv turned and asked me the zip on the back of her dress, undo, and so I have left. She wore a matching bra and stockings with beautiful contours league precious and no pants leg, revealing a whole part shaved pussy. She extended her high-heeled shoes and lay on the bed nearby. I took off my shirt and shoes, unbuttoned his pants and took his side. I always go to my command and control difficult to bet, given free rein. We kissed for a while, and pulled my pants and started licking the head and gently into my slit and tasting precum was already evident. He licked his lips, then straddled me. Even dressed as she was. Further down in my control and ease gently back and forth as she leaned back. Tighten your abdomen and breasts, in the hollow of a half-cup bra, her nipples to point to the sky permitted. She put her hands on my shins and continue rocking back and forth until they reached an orgasm that pornotv shook them from head to toe. I could not delay ejaculation is no longer, and started shooting my load inside. Without warning, even though it came from me and began to devour my cock while still running his mouth. She swallowed it all, but some have gone to the side of his mouth. His tongue went out to catch them and gave me a kiss on the mouth after I tasted my own semen and mixed. We lay in the other only for a short time before Pam said, "back to the ball," was dressed smartly in order to accelerate again after having sex on the ball was, I sucked when I did not want my cum was running down the legs of her pussy, while in the main room. I dressed and we headed back. We smell the milk and juice of sperm, but I do not think anyone realized they were all angry at the way wel. The usual hokey Cokey Auld Lang Syne and was carried out and saw Emma was only then, SA, I smiled as I sat beside her andThen I kissed her mouth, "Happy New Year", he said, before me in the eye and said : "Pam can not prove that I can ? " It was a knowing smile that follow them. She told me that Ken was a hole and a Letcher and danced with him to pornotv share Pam, as always seemed to me that after Emma told him that I liked to be ridden, and I was in bed and pornotv felt adventurous. Ken told me he was angry and at the bar with other executives, boasting that Emma was playing through the night ( while I was fucking his wife). Emma took my hand and led me back out of the room and back to Pam -suite, where he was this time in bed, naked except for the legs for storage of clothes and high heels. Emma reached her shoulders and opened his dress made ??him fall to the ground before putting together with Pam and kissed her passionately on the lips. Their bodies writhed pornotv together, and when I get to f Pam Emma saw his legs crushed together like a pair of scissors inaction, clitoral pleasure while looking each other. Everyone shivered for a while, because achieving orgasm, and I took off my clothes and looked out the nearby chair, drank my glass of wine. Each of them smiled and beckoned me to join them. They pornotv had separated lovers for quite some time before our Emma and wanted to share now with Pam. I saw her on the bed and saw her pussy from behind, a great view of her firm ass cheeks, and rose enough for me, my cock rubbing against her ass. Emma opened the ass cheeks, but Pam and told me that Pam was an anal virgin. She ducked her tongue around pornotv the right hole and then used and first two fingers in the ass, before she said: " You are now ready : " I put my final drive is already close to coming to the entrance of her ass gently before providing its a little at a time. As I entered fully into it, I had a slight groan of pain before it began to rock back and forth in rhythm. pornotv Emma teasing her clitoris with your tongue from the bottom and occasioonal tongue hit my balls, as they beat Pam 's ass. It was not long before I shot my second load of the night, Pam initially in the ass, but then backs off and lets the cheeks syringes, some fall to Emma, ??she smiled, because both, after Pam licked her cheeks. We spent the night in this gigantic bed, Ken not to everyone, as always booked separate rooms. Ken faith, always retire at night. was completely exhausted, at daybreak. Emma and Pam slept for a while, but then others pleasure through the night.
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